June 15, 2009

Sweet Weekend Eating

All intentions to go to Luminato's 1000 Tastes of Toronto flew out the window, because my Sunday after-lunch nap ended up stretching to 5pm, but I managed to get in some gooood eating this weekend at The Pie Shack and Beaches Bake Shop & Cafe!

The Pie Shack
2305 Queen StE
The Pie Shack

The Pie Shack
Peach and Blueberry pie, $4.50 per slice or $25 for the whole pie
$2 coffee + free top-ups and friendly service!

Very nice light, fluffy and buttery crust, filling is interspersed with walnuts?, fruit may originate from cans? but still very tasty pieces of Pie!

Beaches Bake Shop & Cafe
900 Kingston Rd
SweetThings Beaches Bake Shop & Cafe
Chocolate mini-cupcakes, $2.75 each
Chocolate-chip brownie, $2.75

Delightful mini-cupcakes made by SweetThingsTO, and a chocolate-chip confection (more like a piece of giant cookie) to top off my weekend!


Beaches said...

Hi again,
thanks for coming by Beaches Bake Shop & Cafe'. Please come and visit us soon again! Take Care!

airrick said...

mmm pie was yummy

Pearl said...

Cupcakes!!! They look good!!!

Ash said...

That all looks so good!

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