February 26, 2011

Just call me Master

I found this old (2006) post that I changed to draft for some reason:
Apparently I am iNTj, which stands for Introverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, Judging. According to Carl Jung, I am a moderately introverted, intuitive thinker, with a distinctly judging personality. Reading further to find out what D Keirsley thinks about this rare subset of the population (less than 1%!), it appears that I am what is called a "Mastermind". ^_^ The whole "NT" group is called the Rationals, which include the Engineer, the Mastermind, the Inventor and the Field Marshal (the first two being introverts and last two being extroverts).

If the Mastermind category fits me best, I am quite self-confident and very judicious, and therefore can be quite decisive (e will laugh/scoff at this...). I can formulate coherent and comprehensive contingency plans. Although not eager to take a leadership role, once in this position, I am highly pragmatic. MM Heiss says that I know what I know, and I know what I don't know. I am both a perfectionist, and realistic. I tend to be even-handed (could this be the Libra factor playing out??) in recognizing the contributions of others, but also recognize and go for opportunities for myself as they are presented. (cool.) Unfortunately (for e), romantic relationships are my Achilles heel, since I have little patience for small talk or flirtation, as well am extremely private in nature.
So four and a half years later, I get the same result of INTJ:

I really need to work on my extroversion.

It's all very interesting. To read more about iNTjs, you can click here or here. To take the test yourself, click here.


PinkBunny said...

I'm INFJ. It's surprising that I took this almost 5 years ago... and I haven't changed. I thought I did.

I'm a counselor idealist. I sound anti-social.

J said...

What does the F stand for???

PinkBunny said...

Feeling, I think. As opposed to Thinking.

Which makes sense. You've always been the more rational of us two. =)

J said...

I think you think too much. :P

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