March 06, 2011

iPhone cache: Fall 2010 travels

We visited Cinque Terre in Italy, Nice in France (side trip to Monaco), Barcelona in Spain (side trip to Tortosa parador - recommend!).

I just activated my phone the day I left for this trip. I didn't know how to use it or have any apps, etc. I mostly used it to take pictures of maps and schedules so we could use them as pocket maps. If you're interested in maps and public transportation systems around the world, here are a few pictures:

Map of Manarola in Cinque Terre, Italy to find Trattoria Dal Billy. (BEST meal of trip of amazing meals.)

Train schedule along Mediterranean coast of Italy (Read: 12.55 = Train departure time from this station; TI 144 = Train number; Ventimiglia 15.07 = Final destination and its arrival time; All stops and times enroute to final destination; 17 = Platform number to get on this train) I believe this was taken in the La Spezia station.

The super-opulent Le Metropole in Monaco. I noted a Ladurée boutique here, and had to visit!

Bus schedule in Nice, heading to the Musée National Message Biblique Marc Chagall


FB @ said...

I think subway maps are gorgeous. The colours, the patterns... :)

Mere Rhetoric said...

We have a book of transit maps around the world. We may choose our next destination based on which transit system we want to explore.

I think a well-designed subway system is a hallmark of a vibrant city. Hong Kong, New York, Barcelona, Paris -- these cities have such extensive reach with their transit.

I hope Toronto will be able to come up with a good plan to maintain its state of repair while expanding its reaches to the suburbs more effectively. We've seen how prosperity is linked to access to transit, and there are definitely disadvantaged communities that need better transit options. Here's to hoping..

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