March 11, 2011

Adventures in YYZ: Live with Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi performing Livin' On a Prayer in Toronto.

Links to more videos at the end of the post.

Bon Jovi Live 2011: Toronto, Ontario on February 15, 2011

I picked up cheap seats for Bon Jovi's second Toronto concert back in February, and looked forward to an entertaining show. Asked why I would want to go to a Bon Jovi concert, my answer: I have his cassette tape! And who didn't sing along to Always or Livin' on a Prayer on Rock Band? (Do people still play this?)

There were a lot of 80s hairdos in the crowd. Yes, I'm referring to feathered mullets.

My nosebleed seats: "side view" may more accurately be described as "back view"

Overall, I have to admit that I was disappointed with the energy of the concert. Bon Jovi sang a lot of songs that I was less familiar with, even though I "studied up" by listening to his songs all week leading up to the big night. He didn't sing my favourite song, Always, so that was a b-i-i-i-g disappointment.

The crowd was quiet for big portions at a time, or maybe just around my cheap seats, where the audio was less than optimal. I suspect that if I got front viewing seats, that my experience would have been better. I was really happy he ended it with Livin' On a Prayer (video at top).

Jon Bon Jovi croons closely to the lucky pit members.

Video: Bon Jovi chatting up crowd about music trends

Richie Sambora and his double neck guitar

Bon Jovi says "Hi" and waves to me. "Hi!" back!

I picked up an Ed Hardy-esque concert tee to commemorate the event.

Links to more of my videos from the concert:

Wow, I wish Rihanna did a surprise cameo with Bon Jovi in Toronto. Here they are in Madrid last November:

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