May 05, 2009

Trial #1 - Orange

After seeing Alex Noriega's amazing photoshop artwork, I wanted to see if I could try to mimic his drawing using his video as instructions.

But I couldn't.

I did, however, find a tutorial on drawing citrus slices. I just drew an orange slice, but after this a lemon or lime wouldn't be too hard. The tricky part is figuring out how to implement the details. Being solidly familiar with the different filters and their settings would be key to creating original artwork with Photoshop.

My drawing:

The original:

It took me couple hours because I couldn't figure out certain functions and tools. I still can't figure out how to give the slice an Outer Glow, because I can't seem to access the Layer Style Settings. *shrug*

That's all for now. It was fun!

Click here for more Photoshop drawing tutorials.

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