March 21, 2009

Get Fresh with Joe

If you haven't wandered around in a Loblaws Superstore, I recommend doing it this weekend.

Good for whiling the hours away, but hard to leave empty-handed! There's an extensive houseware section and bins and bins of cheap B-rated movies for cheesy stay-in Saturday night dates, but I also like to check out the Joe Fresh line.

Joe Fresh is the child of Joseph Mimran, who has been described as Toronto's fashion guru. He helped bring Alfred Sung, Club Monaco and Caban into becoming successful brands in Canada, and has turned to delivering clean fashion at low prices with Joe Fresh.
Most of the items are not exceptional in style or quality of fabric, but Joe Fresh provides a chance for people to touch up their wardrobes with trendy colours and basic pieces in an affordable manner.

A Joe Fresh beauty line was just released earlier this year, and offers lip glosses for $6 and eye shadows for $4. Check out their website or go in-store to find out the rest of the great deals!

Right now if you enter their 17 again contest, you will get a coupon for $17 off a purchase of $60 or more. That's a maximum of almost 30% off!

I like this shirtdress, but I know I would hate to iron it:

I am also having a weird crush on wellington boots:

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