January 12, 2009

I seem to like unpopular items

SKITTLES Carnival Flavour
Carnival Skittles - Limited Edition, DISCONTINUED

GHIRARDELLI Double Chocolate Squares
Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Squares - DISCONTINUED

MARKS & SPENCER Shrimp Cocktail Chips
Marks & Spencer Shrimp Cocktail Chips - Intermittently available

Now there are rumours that a new favourite chip brand may be biting the dust:

PC Smokin' Stampede
PC's Smokin' Stampede Chips


Anonymous said...

why don't you post a list of all things that you like and we can see how many will get discontinued this year

Mere Rhetoric said...

Good idea, except that I "like" lots of things, but I "love" Ghirardelli Double Chocolate and M&S Shrimp Cocktail Chips...

On my love list:
- Intelligentsia Black Cat Blend
- K.J. Foods Pork Fried Dumplings
- Nissin Beef Instant Noodles
- RED Original Skittles
- Muscat gummies

That's all that I can think of atm.

Mere Rhetoric said...

Ugh. Have to add another fav to my list o'defunctness:

rk has gone bankrupt

Source: http://twitter.com/geekigirl/status/1229227423

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