October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Jack O'Lantern
When I was young, my creative older siblings would make a haunted house in our creepy unfinished basement.

In my memory, the basement ceilings soared up high and the cement floor felt cold and clammy to my bare feet. I always imagined monsters grabbing my ankles between the slats of the basement stairs as I walked down. Lone, bare light bulbs were strewn here and there to casting ominous shadows.
It was the perfect setting for a haunted house.

An obstacle course was laid out: climbing over mountainous boxes (Dad's old stuff that he liked to hoard), under blanket tents (to create an illusion of mystere), beyond crevices which hid hands that grabbed your shoulder as you hurried past. All of this done in near-pitch darkness to a soundtrack of moans, groans, whistling wind and the occasional shriek (on cassette tape).

I wonder if kids do this anymore?

What are you doing for Halloween this year?

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