December 23, 2006

Wanted: Cookie Monster

Baking is fun when it's not too complicated. You plan, you prepare, you do the work and you get to enjoy the results immediately! So unlike research.

Here are the cookies that I made this week:

The Quintessential Sugar Cookie
Stacked: It's Cookie Time!

We have the snowflakes, the Joys and the Christmas trees (or "Holiday Trees", if you want to be PC).

Very simply dusted with sugar.

The Snickerdoodle

Maybe I made it wrong, but it doesn't really taste like much, although there are hints of sugar and cinnamon (which the balls of dough are rolled in just prior to baking). It's probably easy to eat a lot of these since they have a very light texture and are not overly sweet.

The Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie with Mocha Cream Filling
Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies with Mocha Cream Filling

This is the one that I have been wanting to make for a couple weeks, but I only went and got all of the ingredients today. It's a cocoa-espresso cookie with bittersweet chocolate chips, sandwiching a cream filling made with bittersweet chocolate, espresso and whipping cream. (Yes, I know, sounds extremely healthy...)

May your holidays be safe and fun (and relaxing), and spent with loved ones!

I hope it snows at least a little bit for's really dark at night (ie. after 4pm) without the presence of snow to reflect lights.


PinkBunny said...

Wow, you can bake! I've tried. Nothing tastes edible. It's sad.

grace said...

hi J! belated merry christmas and happy new year :)

sorry i haven't gotten back to you... i made the mistake of coming home with unfinished papers and it's just been a horrible burden on my holidays. they're still not all done but i've been such hermit that i really need to make the most of my last week here. i leave next monday so let me know what your schedule is like this week so we can meet up.

tty soon!

p.s. i found your most recent post to be very interesting. actually, all your posts are very interesting... very worthwhile to read :P if i can just get a grip on my schoolwork, maybe i can actually respond with something intelligent some time ;) keep it up!

J said...

Pearl: It's all about simple recipes! And lack of distractions, maybe...

Grace: I'd really like to meet up with you before you head back out West! And I'd like to hear your response to some of my comments as well... =P I can always count on you for an interesting opinion! Happy 2-5!!! But I know...24 forever...face it! You're in your middle mid-20s now!

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