September 08, 2005

REVIEW: Pride and Prejudice

I just watched Pride and Prejudice and it's now one of my favourite movies. When I first heard about the middle-aged women swooning over Colin Firth, I didn't get it. To be fair, he does have a crisp British accent, and he is tall and dark and not ugly, but he always seems so reserved and blah! I kind of get it now. He keeps playing Mr. Darcy. Ah, Mr. Darcy - what a man! At first he seems like such a pompous jerk, but he turns out to be this kind man, who will do everything in his power to make the woman he loves happy, and is rich on top of that! Very eligible.

I've always had this weird enjoyment for the Elizabethan and Victorian eras. I think there were lots of intrigue and scandals during those times. Everybody loves a scandal!

Yeah, so I liked the movie so much that I bought the book. I never read any Jane Austen books before, not even for school.

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