May 20, 2005

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Today I want to introduce WaiterRant. I don't know, the guy just tells interesting stories about his experiences working in a bistro. Funny stories, updated at least weekly, maybe.

For your fix in frivolity, check out

Apparently web logs are the latest thing. But they aren't really anything new. Who had an Asian Avenue account? Everyone I knew had one in the late 90s, and some people were very diligent in updating their pages. Aside from the lyrics of hip hop or RnB songs, guest book signings and doctored pictures (sometimes very obviously), daily ramblings also went up. Some vented, others created a different persona from their reality. People became proficient in HTML.

This need to leave a mark spawned other communities like LiveJournal and Xanga and Blogspot. People want to be remembered and to be connected. ICQ, MSN Messenger, Friendster, I think there was something called SixDegrees (as in: everyone is related through six degrees of separation).

It's kind of weird when you think about what people do with their lives. Priorities seem so different but when you get right down to it, everyone wants the same thing. To make their mark and not to be forgotten. Some people want to attain wealth and status. Others want to make differences in the lives of individuals. Some want to become known for something that they have done, discovered, made. But as far as I can tell, everyone wants the same things out of life.

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