April 07, 2005

REVIEW: Salad King

This evening I had dinner with JN! I haven't seen her in a long time. I think the last time was for hot pot (mmmm....hot pot...I really want to get a hot pot set), and before that was hers and VW's birthdays.

We ate at Salad King (335 Yonge Street). JN really wanted to go there, and I like the food. It's cheap, quick and pretty good. There's also a vegetarian section for you veggie-luvvahs! JN had the one chili "phud thai" (aka Pad Thai) and I had the mild golden curry chicken. The "fun" thing about Salad King is that you can customize the spiciness of your order from mild (for us chicken-shits) to 20 chilis (fire-breathers and iron tongues).

JN said hers was good, but I didn't try it. One chili is supposed to be nothing, but I'm scared. My curry was sooo good! It was just sweet enough, and even though I wasn't hungry going in, I finished everything! No doggy-bag for me, which is a rarity. Although, the serving wasn't huge.

We had met up at 6PM and there was already a line-up! Hol-eez. But by 7:15-ish, there was no line up. It's weird. Downtown people eat dinner so early.

Spreadable butter is indeed a Good Idea. I AGREE WITH JN.

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